Trials and Rental

De Dietrich Process Systems offers a range of equipment that can be rented, allowing customers to perform product tests.

QVF test facility

The customer test facility is used to develop company-own components and processes as well as for testing and optimizing customer-specific tasks. Also the production of small amounts is possible. Safe design bases are created through a combination of computer-supported simulation and feedback from experiments. Columns of up to 10 m are possible in the two-story building. And with the versatility of the QVF modular glass system, unit operations can be quickly adapted to the task.

Filtration and drying trials

Thanks to our available test equipments in our facility, we can offer the following services:



  • Measure of the filterability of a product
  • Calculation of the cake specific resistance
  • Definition of the best type of media (pore size, media type: textile or metal monolayer or multilayer)
  • Extrapolation of filtration areas and cycle times at the industrial scale



Measurement and extrapolation to the industrial scale of a product drying properties:

  • Drying cycle duration
  • Agitation speed
  • Lump breaking
  • Dust Filter area
  • Required heating power
  • Vacuum pump and condenser sizing
  • Final product humidity content


The following equipment are available for rental

  • 1 Laboratory filter 0.01m² for filtration media definition
  • Upon request, Rolab-type filter dryer, sizes ranging from 0.03m² to 0.4m²
  • 1 Pan dryer with bottom driven agitation, type Guedu® 45L
  • 1 Vacuum skid
  • 1 Heating skid
  • 1 Condensation skid
  • 1 Cooling unit 

These processes can be tested: One or multi-stage concentration of contaminated sulfuric acid cleaning and concentration of mineral acids such as hydrochloric and nitric acid Rectification of all mixtures common in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries Strip and desorb (e.g. chlorinated hydrocarbons from waste water) Recovery of high-boiling organic material from water via extraction (e.g. phenol, acetic acid) Energy-saving waste water concentration via mechanical vapor compression Batch distillation and reaction Excerpt from the list of equipment: Horizontal boiler Thin film evaporators 0.05 and 0.2 m² Rectification and stripping columns DN50 to DN150 with random or structured packing Mixer settlers DN80 and DN100 Extraction columns DN50 to DN100 (pulsed sieve tray and packing columns, Karr columns, stirred columns Glass lined reaction vessels 50 liters and 100 liters Measurement data logging and registration.


QVF Rental systems: Mixer settlers DN80 and DN100 Thin film evaporators Almost all unit operations from the thermal separation technique can be expanded at your request. Energies: Heating steam of up to 10 bar Thermal oil of up to 210°C Cooling water Brine up to - 15°C Vacuum

Powder transfer testing

Before you purchase equipment there are options for testing them out first to ensure your product application will perform to your expectations:

Rental equipment - Rent a powder pump and perform your own product tests at a pace that suits you, in the real world of your own production facility. Select sizes are available for you to put through rigorous tests. Correctly sized vacuum pumps are included in the rental to ensure adequate vacuum is available for the trials.

DDPS  Demonstration Facility - As an alternative to renting a Powder Pump, let De Dietrich Process Systems prove to you that Powder Pump is the best powder transfer technology available.  Send us a sample of your product (usually one drum) and we will do a complete product test to confirm your product will transfer to your expectations.  (Testing is only performed on material that is not extremely hazardous or explosive.)  If you do not wish to be present for the test you can refer to your detailed test results which will outline the results, one will be provided with every sample submitted. Detailed information about the powder will be needed for a risk assessment to be carried out prior to agreeing to a trial at our Stafford facility.